Sarah’s Story

Behind every movement is a voice. On, we would like to share some of those voices through stories about the deaf all across the world. Here is today’s story:

Sarah is a 24-year-old living in the U.S. who has been deaf since childhood. She was born prematurely and suffered hearing loss because of that, an occurrence that happens in approximately five percent of premature births.

She learned American Sign Language (ASL) and uses assistive devices such as TDD (telecommunications device for the deaf), real-time text, and Video Relay Services to communicate with others. She is grateful that the technology has improved in her lifetime and she feels positive that it will only continue to improve in the future.

Sarah lives a normal life, working as an online consultant in the beauty industry for a Mira Hair Oil Reviews site, which reaches out to women in the 18 to 55 age category. In an email to us, she wrote: “Working in the beauty industry has been a dream come true. As a child I felt ugly because of my deafness, but as I grew into my teen years I began to see it as a positive – not an obstacle, but an accomplishment. Now, as an adult, I love to help other women find their beauty, inside and out, too.”

Sarah is also active in the deaf advocacy community, organizing events in her local area.  “They help me better connect to the community and make people aware,” she writes.  “I am proud of who I am.”

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