Hearing Loss Could Be Caused By Smoking

The detrimental effects of smoking to your health is no secret but list of damages smoking can cause seems to get longer month on month.  One of the most recent is that passive smoking could be a cause of hearing loss in teenagers.

The research was carried out by the New York University School of Medicines Michael Weitzman who stated ‘It’s the type of hearing loss that usually tends to occur as one gets older, or among children born with congenital deafness.’ The study was carried out on over 1500 youngsters between the ages of 12 and 19 with various test carried out that included both hearing tests and levels of cotine in the blood, this is a chemical in the body that is a result of exposure to nicotine.

When the results were finalized those that were exposed to a smoking environment, (none forced by the way) were found to have impaired hearing in the mid to high ranges of frequency. This all brings about the question of this affecting children in the classroom, with many of those affected having problems with distractions on hearing what is being said. This in turn leads to many children wrongly being diagnosed with ADHD or classed as troublemakers.

All of this leads further to the question of educating people to the alternatives to smoking. Giving up smoking completely and instantly is in most cases an unrealistic thing to attempt without help, for those that still want to smoke though there are alternatives. The electronic cigarette is one of those alternatives that is reportedly working for thousands worldwide and the positive it brings to smokers is that it does not cause any negative affect to those around. No passive smoking problems here.


The Deaf, Wine and Friends

Relationships and how they can help the deaf community.

The winemaking community is an interesting group of people.  Truly international, it also features a range of folks with really varied life experiences. While we haven’t met anyone deaf in the wine world as of yet, there is a winery in Napa Valley called Oakenfeld which gives 10% of its profits from its wine gift baskets to a charity of your choosing.

While not many people are going to choose a deaf charity, perhaps some of us can form a relationship with these folks to have our favorite deaf charities as part of their “featured” charity section!

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