A Celebration of Deaf Theatre!

Over recent years there’s been an increased amount of events that focus on the brilliance of the deaf community around the world. One such event is the Deaf Theatre Fest.

Held annually, the event is a  a great show for everyone to come together in order to celebrate the achievments of deaf people all around the world. With some of the finest deaf theatre performers on show, it’s no wonder that so many people both inside and outside of the deaf community have enjoyed spending time at the event over the past few years. Perhaps one of the best performances at this year’s showcase will come from award-winning Phyllis Frelich and Bernard Bragg – two names who are sure to inspire a number of ticket sales over the coming weeks.

The actors and actresses that will be on show during the extravaganza have all held down a number of roles in major adverts for both the big and silver screen over the past few years and it will be of interest to many to see how they adapt to treading the boards in the theatre as opposed to working in front of the cameras as they have begun to do with more and more frequency.

As well as providing a great spectacle of entertainment the event aims to give an insight in to how people who are deaf deal with every day problems that many of us are lucky enough to never have to encounter.    It is hoped that the entire event will be streamed online after the event, although it might require a fast VPN to watch from some countries with slower internet speeds, especially if it’s uploaded in HD. With heart warming stories and anecdotes it’s sure to prove an event that will not only have you enjoying some of the most spectacular acting in any shows currently touring, but also ensure that your knowledge of deaf related issues is significantly imrpoved. Get your tickets now to ensure that you don’t miss out!

Playing Outside and Childhood

I don’t think there is any doubt that finding a great local community is essential for long term happiness.  Of course, that’s easier said than done in an era of foreclosures and people being forced to move due to job losses and even larger problems.

Personally, I own a wine gift basket business and I have seen the trouble with keeping good part time seasonal employees because of the wider economy.  I thought about all of this the other evening because I was sitting in my front yard watching my son play with his friends on his street.  I wondered about special needs kids and how they are affected by all these changes.  Part of the reason I thought about all of this is that we have a special needs baby on our street, who everyone (including the upper elementary aged kids) tends to watch out for.  A sense of community that exists in my established neighborhood makes it possible for this little boy to play outside.  If he lived elsewhere, would that be possible?

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