Finding Strength with Spirituality

Being deaf is a challenge endured by many all around the World. Many of these people overcome and find that they can in fact live normal lives like everyone else. However, there are many times where you might have a bad day and wonder why me? It will be in these darker periods that you will want all the help you can get. In this article I want to talk about some general things you can do to use spirituality or religion to overcome these feelings of sadness. If you are a parent, family member, or friend dealing helping someone cope with these feelings you can better understand them by thinking about a situation that made you sad. For example if someone passed away and you knew there was life after death you would feel sad. These feelings will help you better relate to the friends or family member you are trying to help.


These feelings are of course, simply human ones which are shared by every one on the planet.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are all fundamentally the same especially with the superficial differences of race, religion and ethnicity.  The internet has brought us together in the digital world, although there are still barriers and inequalities here these can be bypassed with a fake ip.

The first spiritual technique you can learn to overcome this sadness is to pray. No matter what you believe in prayer gives you the ability to speak to a greater Power that will look after you. This Heavenly being can help you overcome even your saddest moments in life. The great thing about prayer is that you can also speak your mind without fear of judgment or someone making fun of you. This will give you an opportunity to say what you want.

The next spiritual technique that you can follow is to meditate. This technique is much like prayer but you take time out of your busy day to think about yourself and what you would like to accomplish. If things are going so well in your life you can use meditation to think about what you would like to change and what should happen. As you focus on yourself and really understand your feelings you will be able to overcome your sadness.

In closing there are many other spiritual things you can do to overcome your sadness. Whether spiritual or not you need to find an outlet that will help you overcome any feelings of doubt and lead you to a happier life.

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How an Online Marketing Company Can Help the Deaf


An online marketing company is one of the most effective tools that you can use to make people aware of the challenges that deaf people face every day. At the same time, you can also use it to illustrate the steps that society has taken to alleviate the situation and make them part of the society.

How a Marketing Strategy Can Reveal the Difficulties of Being Deaf

For a marketing company that wants to focus on the problem of the deaf, the emphasis can be placed in different sectors. Your company may focus on the difficulties that young people growing up deaf face, or the challenges of going to school with other “normal” children. On the other hand your firm may focus on deaf people who are already working; the challenges and discriminations that they often have to face, as well as perceptions and misconceptions about them. Too many people take the situation for granted, but an online marketing company can set the record straight and make it easier for people to appreciate the difficulties that they go through.

Overcoming the Challenges

Needless to say a marketing strategy should not just dwell on the difficulties that the deaf face but also how deaf people are able to overcome them. An Internet based marketing company can highlight stories of deaf people who learned how to deal with their condition and live normal lives. Furthermore, your company can state the laws made to protect them such as the Rehabilitation Act, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Television Decoder Circuitry Act and the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and Americans with Disabilities Act.

Apart from these laws, an online marketing company is often identified with helping businesses grow and prosper, but in this case they can also be used to help the handicapped live normal lives. 

Overcoming Frustrations


Deafness is a common challenge. It does not just affect the person who suffers from deafness, but also those around them, their family and other guardians such as teachers, friends, and colleagues. It can be difficult and frustrating for all.

It is imperative that those affected find ways to alleviate the stress and find ways to overcome the frustrations otherwise they may find it becomes too much. Outdoor hobbies and activities such as horse-riding is a great way to do this. It acts as a way to get outside and become familiar with nature. The sights are beautiful scenes to behold and savour, the colours that you can see in the countryside are striking and can be appreciated by many. The fresh air will help to relieve the stress and the adrenaline you can feel when enjoying a trek around the countryside helps to release the positive endorphins.

It is an activity that you can enjoy individually or as part of a larger group. The whole family may benefit from seeing the outdoors from this perspective and it is something that can be done together.

It is an accessible activity and many riding schools that are located in stunning destinations can help to accommodate for the individual needs for their students. Participating in treks with others at a riding school can also be an enjoyable social activity and help people to form great relationships. Families and other sufferers can make it a regular activity to enjoy and here it is possible to meet other like-minded people and this can help sufferers and families in the long-run.

We all need time to do the things that we enjoy to help alleviate stress and overcome frustrations, horse riding with like-minded people can be one of them.

Overcoming Challenges

For many deaf people overcoming challenges in day to day life are simple. Adapting to certain circumstances becomes second nature and in most respects life can carry on as normal.

On occasion team sports such as football can be a bit more difficult, but again, learning how to adapt is key to success. The skills learned in day to day life can be translated into sports such as an awareness of what’s around you. Without being able to hear anything approaching or hearing warnings from people you will need to sharpen youer awareness skills. This in football is a huge skill to have. Recently the worlds greatest (possibly ever) player Lionel Messi stated that he puts his success down to being aware of his surroundings, where people are, and what he plans to do when he gets the ball.

Football is also a game to be enjoyed by the masses with no emphasis on the sound of the game so can be enjoyed by anyone. The merchandising side of things as well is huge and now with the capabilities of mobile phones deaf people can use them for many different things and being able to get different phone cases like the ones here is a great way of showing support to the team that you love.


Gardening is Therapeutic for those that are going Deaf

Gardening is therapeutic for many people in various cases, as its relaxing and brings you at peace with Mother Nature. For those that are losing their hearing, it can be beneficial to take up gardening, as you can cope with the problem of losing the ability to hear in a peaceful and uplifting hobby. One can also consider a looking for a greenhouse for sale, so you that you’ll be able to control your garden, and also have a place of sanctuary that’s cut off from the outside world; a place where you can find peace.

In gardening, you have to do things right, even with picking the fruit or vegetables.  Just pick a  sturdy garden hoe and get out there. If you want to take this up as therapeutic hobby to cope with your hearing loss, then the more detailed you get, the better it will help you. One of the important aspects of gardening that goes overlooked is picking the fruits or vegetables at the right time and doing so the correct way.

Below is a quick guide on how to pick vegetables. The vegetables listed below are the most common ones to pick, so you’re more than likely going to plant them or have them in your garden already.

Fruit Picking

Strawberries: Strawberries that are completely red are fully ripe, but three-quarters-red strawberries are also ripe. What you have to do is pinch off the stem so that it stays on the plant.

Cherries: Cherries won’t ripen indoors, so give them a squeeze to so see if they’re juicy and firm. You can taste it to judge the cherries as well. Cherries are picked early quite often, so be careful.

Raspberries: A ripe raspberry is fully colored and will separate easy from the stem. If you’re tugging on them too much, that means they’re not ready.

Blackberries: These often times will look ripe before they actually are. A blackberry will turn from shiny to dull black when ripe, and they’re easy to pull. Watch out for their thorns.

Blueberries: A blueberry should be fully blue, and not red. They should also taste ripe and roll easily into your pal when you use your thumb to pull down on it.

Cantaloupe: A ripe cantaloupe will be fragrant. It will also have a yellow or beige color to it, and it will slip away easily from the vine.

Peaches: The background color of a peach should be a deep yellow with no signs of any green. This fruit should give a tiny bit when squeezed.

Watermelon: A watermelon will have a ground spot that turns from white to butter-yellow. The tendrils should also turn brown and the fruit should sound hollow when knocked.


 Apples: The apple should be bright in color, whether it’s green or red, and the background color should be a yellow or green or even gold. Its dark seeds should also let you know that it’s ripe.


Grapes: You should know the grapes are ripe by the taste and the color. You can use pruning shears to cut them off in clusters.


Jane Williams

Deaf Student Defies the Doubters

When Bethan Hindson was told by several veterinarian schools that there was no point applying to them, it would hardly been surprising if she had changed direction.  Bethan is profoundly deaf and it was this condition considered a barrier by the veterinary schools.

Bethan however is extremely academically gifted and she instead took up a place in Cambridge University in order to study history.  At the same time she received a hearing implant which allowed her some hearing and even to join in conversations.  She graduated in 2009 and her heart was still set on becoming a qualified vet so she applied to study at the Royal Veterinary College.  One year later she was granted a place and began her studies towards her dream career.

Bethan thinks her implant was extremely important to her success.  The major practical issue that it solved was the ability to use a stethoscope for diagnosis, something that would have been impossible for her before.  The implants also enabled her to take part in group leaning and classroom discussions.

She is now in her final year of study and looks like fulfilling her dream.    She also works as a volunteer for the company Cochlear which produces the implants. These devices bypass the damaged hair cells in the ear and work directly with the hearing nerve instead.

For more for more information on the academic options available for deaf students in the United Kingdom – a good place to start is the BBC learning resource centre.  You can even use the specific functions in the BBC Iplayer although you may need access to  a UK based IP address or some new proxies to access the application (see this site).

For many people this site is a lifeline so it’s worth repeating another option for accessing the site easily –


Financial Tools for the Deaf

Some great financial tools exist for the deaf including this useful site –Tax and Credit Info for the Deaf which can be used to check tax and working credits for the UK.

US VPN service

A paycheck calculator is a very useful tool for any person that would like to begin saving for retirement. Even if you have been thinking about retiring for many years, this can be difficult to do when it feels like you are working without making any progress toward your goals. If you feel that you would be in a position of having to work for the rest of your life, it is time to get serious about your retirement goals. One of the best ways for you to do this would be to use a calculator that would help you to determine exactly how much money you have coming in. This information would be helpful in allowing you to plan how much you would be willing to set aside into a savings account for the future. Retirement is not something that you would be able to accomplish without a great deal of hard work. Instead, you will need to look at your finances and determine what you would be able to accomplish with what you have coming in.

There are more resources online, you just need to check educational hubs – there’s a useful one on the BBC web site combined with a variety of links which will be useful to all hearing impaired people, this tool might be required if you get blocked from outside the UK – Watch BBC News Live.

A paycheck calculator can help you to focus on staying within your financial means. It enables you to have a better understanding of the money you are spending and how much it can help you when you put it into a savings account in the future. If you would like to make it to retirement, you need to start thinking about changing the way that you are working. This calculator would make it a lot easier for you to start working smarter, this means that you would be able to move closer to retirement through the job you are already working.


U.S. Military 2013 Pay Increases – Research and Development for Deaf Increased

The U.S. military, grappling with thousands of disabled combat veterans, has increased compensation to soldiers as well as increased funding for research into the hearing impaired.

When it comes to questions about 2013 basic pay, special pays and other benefits, members of the Defense Department use the handy military pay chart to check their monthly and yearly compensation.

According to the Defense Finance and Accounting Service — the agency that provides payment services for members of the Defense Department — pay tables are updated regularly and provide easy for reference for both officers and enlisted to check their monthly pay amounts.

Defense Department finance officials explain that military compensation is based on a number of factors; including effective dates of certain pay rates that may differ for such things as allotments and other entitlements.

Staying on top of pay and allowances

The Defense Department also reminds military members to check on their pay and allowances regularly so they can keep track of changes in compensation based on rank, number of years served and other factors.

In turn, military members are reminded to check with their local finance office or other military pay experts if they have questions about their current or future compensation.

For example, one soldier said he regularly checks the military compensation website because it offers regularly updated information.

Understanding military compensation

Moreover, it’s known that military leaders encourage their troops to review the chart regularly to make sure it’s up-to-date when it comes to various pay, special pays and allowances that may change month-to-month.

The more you understand some of the basics of the various pay, special pays and allowances, the better you are able to make sure the information we need to compute your pay each month is up-to-date.

Overall, the military pay chart is viewed as a valuable tool that’s available to all military members each month because it mirrors a soldier, sailor, Marine, airman or Coast Guard member’s monthly leave and earning statement.

In turn, the chart represents the typical annual salary for both officers and enlisted serving in the U.S. military.

John Stevens

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