Giving Deaf Children A Chance To Shine At The Silent Olympics

The Silent Olympics, otherwise known as the Deaflympics is an event organised by The International Committee Of Sports For The Deaf on behalf of the IOC.  It gives a chance for deaf athletes from a whole host of different sports to compete in a high level of competition.  The most obvious and main difference to many other sporting events is that the athletes that take part have to have a non audible means of communicating with match officials.  For example; races can not be started by the bang of a starting pistol, and other types of games can not be officiated using a whistle.

In a similar vein to other Olympic events, the Deaflympics takes place every 4 years.  In total, since its inception in 1924, there has been 21 summer events and 16 winter events, with the latest being Taipai in 2009 (summer) and Salt Lake City in 2007 (winter).  The next summer event is due to be held in 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria and the next winter event in 2015 in Vancouver, Canada.

There are many different sports held during these games.  In summer, as well as track and field, there are an additional 13 other individual events and 4 team sports including football and basketball.  In the winter games there are 3 individual events and 2 team sports to choose from.

In order to qualify for the Silent Olympics, participants must have a reduction in hearing in their best ear by at least 55 decibels.  No hearing devices can be used when taking part in the competition to try and ensure that the playing field remains fair for everyone involved.


If you are the parent of a deaf child then encouraging them to take part in as many different activities as possible can help them lead a positive and enriched life.  Knowing that they can compete at a high level and take part in an event as prestigious as the Deaflympics can really offer some motivation and focus to a childs life. 

Financing for the Deaf

Deaf people should be persuaded to use all financial tools available to them on the internet.

A car loan or a mortgage loan can be an intimidating proposition for many people. However, most borrowers who took out a loan are not fully aware of the intricacies that surround the said transaction. Most of the time consumers lack the capability to understand the complex mathematical formulas needed to derive interest. In most cases, financial institution try different ways to downplay the significance of the interest, thus, it is important to access tools that would enable borrowers to have an accurate picture of the impact of the loan on their personal finance.

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A loan calculator is not a novel concept. In fact, loan calculators are available even before the advent of the Digital Age. The importance of a loan calculator could not be overemphasized because through their availability a borrower is able to answer questions involving time and money. These are the type of questions that bedevil decisions about taking out a loan or even when it comes to investing and saving for the future.  There’s lots of useful information of course available online for everyone in these areas, I even saw a fantastic set of websites listed in the BBC.  It was pointed out to me by someone from Vancouver although she did point out to access the live programmes, you’d need this tool which lets you watch BBC iPlayer Canada.

In a conventional calculator, a borrower can expect features such as pre-programmed formulas, therefore there is no need to be a math wizard to use it. A loan calculator is also useful when it comes to dealing with credit card debts. A loan calculator helps the borrower to determine the monthly sum needed to pay the debt and at the same time provides the time frame for the repayment strategy. It is through this process that the borrower is able to figure out if a particular debt reduction strategy takes a long time to complete and therefore he or she can make the necessary adjustment that would lead the borrower to financial freedom.

In the past, borrowers had to purchase an electronic equipment to help them deal with loan calculations but in the 21st century, sites like these can help borrowers sort out financial questions without the need to pay financial consultants.

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Support Starts in Your Community

I’ve written extensively on this blog already about ways that we can help those whom are deaf into careers which can coexist with their disability.

Winemaking is generally one of those and given some of the success deaf winemakers have had over the years, both in growing and creating wine labels and then even packaging their wines as part of wine gift baskets for sale at large retailers like Costco and Target among many others.

In any case, getting deaf people to consider wine as a career, is a difficult task.  I think a lot of that comes from the fact that most people think about wine as a people centered business, focused on high volume tasting rooms which are both loud and contain a ton of background noise.  Anyone who has ever known someone who is deaf can tell you, neither of those situations is ideal for someone who is deaf.

Of course, making wine is an entirely different thing completely.  Most blending sessions happen in a room the size of your average office with only a small handfull of people who work together on a daily basis.  For someone who is deaf, that sounds like an ideal situation doesn’t it?  Plus, no other industry has the same type of understanding of different cultures as does wine, where talent freely flows from one country to another on a yearly basis and a deaf person’s ability to focus more exclusively on taste, would be a huge positive! is powered by Wordpress | WordPress Themes