Phoenix Priest Invents the Computer Based Confession

It might not seem a priority for many deaf people, but for some Catholics it’s an important part of life – the confession.  It could be difficult for many deaf people who have problems communicating and obviously using an interpreter is perhaps not always appropriate for a confession.

Well a retired priest called Reverend Romuald Zantua, DS based in Phoenix Arizona has now come up with a potential solution, which could possibly help thousands of deaf people across the world.  He has utilized technology to produce a computer based confession system that anyone can use.

It uses two connected computers complete with ASL instructions and videos (ASL is American Sign Language), those priests who can’t sign will be able to use the chat function to communicate with their parishioner.

The software running on both machines thus allows communication in a variety of forms, the sequence on the computer follows prescribed church practice for the confession.  Without this method you’d probably have to resort to pen and paper which restricts the relationship between the priest and the individual.

It’s a perfect example of a task that can cause great difficulty to a hearing impaired person, and illustrates how special needs can usually be accommodated with just a little thought and effort.   It is hoped that perhaps this method may be able to be used online over the internet.

It is hoped that perhaps with some security and a willing host that a confessional service could be expanded to other locations.  Perhaps the Priest or individual might need use an elite proxy switcher to ensure secure communication and then the confession could be taken in complete privacy.   There are other issues involved when trying to broadcast to certain countries which filter and control access to sites, but these can be resolved easily with a combination of the proxies mentioned and a DNS service.

There’s a video here about the communications issues involved –

There are now over 360 million people in the world with a hearing loss disability according to a WHO report from this year. In 65 years old and above, over 30% have some sort of hearing difficulty. The number of priests who are either deaf or have the ability to sign is unknown but it is suspected that there are nowhere near as many as required.

Beijing Dogs Who Help the Deaf

It was in 1975 that the first trained hearing dogs were used in the USA.  There they are afforded the same rights as Guide dogs and can enter public places and transport facilities freely.  Now the Chinese are training their own dogs to help with deaf citizens.

Liu Yan owns one and his name is Pan.  The dog is two years old and wears an orange uniform.  He has frequently saved his owner from dangerous situations – for instance putting paws on Liu Yans legs when there is some danger she is not aware of.  On Pan’s uniform is written the words hearing dog.

Pan is actually a gift from the Japanese Hearing Dogs Training Society.  They also gave advice on setting up a similar group and showed some volunteers how to train their own ’Hearing Dogs’.

I found this wonderful story on a Japanese media site which was showing their news with English subtitles.  The show is normally blocked by geotargeting (which restricts access to Japanese IP addresses).  However I’d previously been playing with a security suite which allowed you to surf via a proxy in the relevant country.

It’s well recommended and certainly opens up so much content that previously blocked.  In fact I learnt how to access BBC Iplayer in the US on my Ipad using this method –   It allows you to set up something called a VPN directly from your Ipad which assigns you with a fake IP address.  For the BBC Iplayer you just need to select a British based server but you could just as easily use one from a different country.

As for the story of Pan it’s great to see organisations like this cooperating – well done the Japanese Hearing Dogs Training society, I’m sure the lives of many Chinese Deaf will be transformed as part of this initiative.


Relationships between Deaf and Not Deaf

A lot of deaf people feel like they don’t belong in the community especially to those not deaf one. However, relationships from both deaf and not deaf should be equal. Let us not discriminate other people just because they can’t hear. We should be fair and there should be no discrimination. Let us be fair and let us help deaf people and support them in times of learning some things related to their hearing defect. Being deaf is not easy especially to those who don’t know about sign language. So, it is important that we should respect each other and no discrimination between those who can’t hear and to those who can hear. Of course, they don’t want this kind of health defect and no one wants to become dead but there are instances that the defect is inborn or a result from any mishaps or whatsoever. Why not support deaf people and strengthen the relationships with each other. Not just deaf-to-deaf people but for deaf-to-not-deaf people. Respect with each other is very important and since those deaf did not want to become deaf so let us threat them and respect them as well. Did you know that deaf people have also their own culture? Yes, it explains a lot in priser skifertag. A lot of support we can lend to deaf people especially to help them not to lose hope though they lost their hearing. Priser Skifertag and nyt tag did a lot on the relationships of deaf to not deaf people. So we need to get some better relationships between deaf and not deaf people.

Hearing about priser skifetag is truly interesting. We heard that sign language is one of the best ideas to befriend and understand deaf. Priser Skifertag turns to be the most acquired ones when it comes on strengthening the relationships of deaf people. Of course, it is not easy to become deaf. You need to be braver enough to face this and to communicate other people normally. Threating deaf people to have equal society would let them feel that they don’t have any problem at all. We can’t deny the fact that having a problem on our hearing is truly a serious problem. There are also people who get problem on their hearing because of some reasons. There are also deaf people since birth and it is inborn. So, it is not helpful if we don’t threat each other like equal like skifertag. Let us strengthen the relationships with each other, deaf or not, an equal society is very good.

No one wants to be unfair right? So, let us not discriminate those who have a problem on their hearing. We are all humans and let us threat and each other fairly. Each of us has all freedom to live and to speak and thus, being a deaf should not be a hindrance to be threatened like other. Getting to know a deaf person would let you feel comfortable. You are happy because you threat the deaf person just like you with no defect on hearing and priser skifertag is a good help for deaf people.


Let Us Support Deaf People’s Issue

Not all of us were born to have hearing, but there are those also become deaf because from different reasons. It is true that with the loose of hearing, it has a big effect into man’s life. How can a man live normally, with the absence of hearing? If you put yourself into the shoe of a deaf person, you would surely know how does it feel and the difficulty on dealing with other people. So, let us not ignore this issue since there are still ways to help them live normally without thinking on having a problem with their hearing. Of course, there are deaf people who don’t believe that there are still ways to experience a normal life. But, they believe it or not, let us still encourage them to live normally though they have a problem on their hearing. Tagsten og tegl can be a helpful tip on teaching deaf people to live normally just like other people who don’t have a problem on their hearing. The most common problem of deaf people is on their ways on how to communicate with other people without the problem on their hearing or to communicate deaf people just like them. It is so much helpful that sign language has invented and used it as their way to communicate.

Let us discover a lot of things on how to help deaf people and learn to experience a life without thinking that they have a problem on their hearing. The nyt tag is one of the helpful idea on helping them to encourage themselves to live normally. We might see other dead people that they isolate themselves because they think that they are already not normal just like others and they have to live by themselves. However, this is truly a wrong thinking. Though you have a problem on your hearing, teach yourself that this is not the end of the world and they can still do a lot of things just like other people and that is the tegltag. Of course, you cannot say that because you are deaf, you are already useless. Keep in mind that this is a wrong thinking and you must encourage yourself that you can still do a lot of things though you have a problem. 

One of the most popular ideas to encourage deaf people is to teach them about skifertag. This idea turns to be one of the most effective ways to encourage deaf people fight for their future. It is nice to hear that deaf people learn to cooperate into the community and share their knowledge. Did you know that there are deaf people who have more skills and talents unlike those who don’t have a problem on their hearing? Yes, this is true. Always remember that each one of us is gifted with talents and skills. So, you should not put in your mind that you are already useless because you have a problem on your hearing. Let that problem be not a problem but serves as a determination to continue appreciating the beauty of life.

Support For Deaf People

There are still many people who got a problem on their hearing of some kind. With that ind mind, there is now implemented many different types of support for deaf people many places around the world. There are now several hearing innovations invented and that is because it can help them deal with their hearing problem. In everyday life, there are innovations that have been invented and introduce to assist people who had a problem on their hearing and thus it helped a lot. So, let us not treat them like they are not the same to people who had no problem on their hearing. In fact, deafness had its levels. There are lots deaf people in the world and they are situated every part of the world. And since the innovation helped a lot to deaf people, they are now easily to deal with other people. Deaf people can now communicate with those people who have no problem on their hearing.  Udklædning og Kostumer is one of the hearing innovation invented which helped numbers of deaf people to easily communicate people with no hardness and that makes it advantage to use these innovations.   

Actually, there are a few instances of how these deaf people who suffer from deafness have influenced the society. It is great news that there are deaf people who think that they don’t have a problem on their hearing; they are actually letting their self be sports-minded. Many deaf people who are now letting their selves enjoyed from being a sports-minded one. It is a big help to let themselves busy from sports. This will help them not to look down themselves and don’t let them think that they are different from those who are not having a problem on their hearing. Udklædning og Kostumer becomes popular because deaf people who can now able to communicate with each other and also to communicate with people who don’t have a problem on their hearing. Deaf people should be treated to have an equal society. Yes, they are still human and they are born just like us. The only problem is that they have this hearing problem and that is actually not their fault. They are born having a deaf issue and they should be cared and let them feel like they are the same by those who doesn’t have any hearing problem. Luckily there are now more and more support for deaf people which really can help make their life easier.

Udklædning og Kostumer have helped a lot of deaf people. There is an organization wherein they support deaf people, thus, they also implement lots of activities wherein deaf people would enjoy. For this reason, there are now deaf people who are engaging from sports and much more active. Let us support and help deaf people enhance their talents and skills. Though they are deaf, they still have the talents and skills which other people that are not deaf don’t have. So, it is a big help for deaf that they have treated equal in the society. We are born to live equally and being deaf should not be the reason that we don’t treat each other as equal. 

Source: -Udklædning og Kostumer

Deafness From Childhood: How To Deal With It

Unfortunately are not all people born have normal hearing. There are still many people who were born with slow hearing, average hearing and even totally silence. However, this problem has never been an issue today. With the intelligent minds of the people, they have found out some remedies in order to solve the problem. The question many may ask is Deafness From Childhood: How To Deal With It?

Did you hear about sign language? Yes, sign language is the most common and effective way of deaf people to communicate. They learn how to do sign language and how to use it so that they could not experience hardship in terms of communication. Aside from the idea of sign language, there are still some tips on how to communicate with each other without it. Deafness can be experienced by no age limitations such as being deaf during childhood years and elder people, as usual. With the advanced education, people are more and more knowledgeable on how to deal with those deaf people. 

Deafness from childhood can be hard to deal with too. If you try to imagine on dealing with children, do you think it would easy for them to learn about sign language? There is actually a big gap on teaching children with sign language from those aged people.  The womens watches are excellent ideas on how to deal with childhood deafness. It instructed on how sign language being taught effectively in order for them to communicate from their parents and even the people surrounds us. When it comes on womens watches or dame ure, you are sure enough that you can easily deal with deafness. It is a fact that people who can’t talk are also deaf. They cannot hear sounds and voices like normal hearing. Some remedies are actually being contributed in order to help deaf people or for childhood deafness. 

Eating Nutritious Food

According to some experts, eating nutritional foods will help deaf children gain back their hearing. However, for those children were born being deaf, they still need to eat nutritious food. Many have said that no matter how nutritious the food of their children, the deafness cannot be treated still. A child who is healthy would assure to have a healthy life. Thus, he/she don’t feel that he/she is different from those who have their hearing. Though they have silence hearing, they still exist and they still have the right to live healthily and happily. 

Balance Exercise

Children can still perform balance exercising with womens watches. According to some informant, balance exercise can help childhood deafness regain its healthy living. Of course, if a child is deaf, he/she might feel the difference from the lives of other children. With balance exercising, children would feel that their childhood days are important though they do have a problem on their hearing. Balance exercise would assure of being healthy. If your child would do regular and balance exercise, it would be beneficial for their health. With balance exercise, it would help your common senses functions well and hearing is one of it. 

Being deaf is actually not a problem. It is a fact that sometimes, people have this kind of difficulty. But, never consider it as a problem but a challenge instead.

Source: – Dame Ure


Good Exercise For Elderly

For most poeple aging is a process of life that does not have to be dreaded or feared as most do. Contrary to popular thought, the changes associated with aging are not always bad. They do, in many cases present certain challenges. We present some ideas on aging in a better way. As you begin to age, don’t fall victim to the common belief that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. If you have more free time on your hands because you’ve retired, use this time to your advantage. Volunteer at a favorite charity or institution. Learn a new hobby, or pick up an old one. Adopt a dog or a cat. Enjoy your grandchildren. Join a local senior citizens’ center. Take that trip to the Bahamas that you always dreamed about. Go to concerts and plays. Enroll in an adult education class. Take yoga lessons or learn about business intelligence. Exercise your mind and your body, and feel as if the years are falling away. Physical activity is necessary to keeping your body feeling young even as you age. Find an exercise routine that works for you. Challenge yourself with strength training, jogging, even water exercise. It’s good for aging joints! Exercising can help you feel as young as you want to be!

One of the best ways that you can do in order to slow down the aging process is to exercise on a regular basis. Try to have at least 30 minutes of physical activity in your day. This could be done either by walking or even playing basketball. Make sure that it is something that you enjoy. One sure way to slow the aging process is with regular exercise. There have been hundreds of studies that prove how well aerobic exercise helps a person keep up their stamina, balance, muscle strength and bone density. Exercise is one of the best ways to age more slowly. As you start to age, your body starts to slow down. Remember do not slow down and become inactive. Instead look into things that you can do to help build energy. Sign up for a dance class and Business Intelligence. This will help you get exercise as well as spend time with people. When caring for an aged family member who has Alzheimer’s disease, it can become spiritually, financially and emotionally challenging. As a primary caregiver, you need to try to keep yourself from feeling totally depleted. Most resource using business direction tools seems to indicate this too. In order to combat the feelings of depression, stress and exhaustion, while caring for your loved one, it is important to get the proper exercise, nutrition, and also carve personal time away from the situation, by getting others to help in the caring process.

If you are able to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, you will not only feel better and be more physically fit, you will be preparing yourself for a better aging process down the line. Remember that a body in motion stays in Business Intelligence. Exercising at least thirty minutes a day will help you age more gracefully. Aging is something that we have no other choice than to accept. It is going to happen no matter how hard we try to prevent it. Why not be receptive to that fact, and apply some of these sensible suggestions on taking much of the stress out of the process?


Childhood Days – Most Enjoyable Stage Of Life

A lot of us experience being a child with Nutrilett. Of course, all human beings experienced this stage of life and this is the most enjoyable stage. Being a kid will make you feel no problem at all and no worries to think of. Yes, we all know that being a child is one of the most unforgetable stage of a person according to biotherm Homme. This stage is where we experienced being loved by everyone most espeically by the time that we start to talk many things even if it is not so important. Kids always think that all things are and can be possible. Being a child will never be as good and enjoy in a human’s stage of life.  Childhood is the stage where a man starts to learn things and know things even if it is not too important. According to some adults, being a child is the stage where nothing can compete of. Children don’t think problems like thinking for a good living. They always think happiness and never get worry on how to survive. A child thinks that everything in this world is beautiful. By the time we get old, we always dream to stay a kid. What they usually do not recognize is that whenever they grow they will always wish they might be back again to the times when they were younger!

Life is so easy in the eyes of a young child, so innocent and pure with not just a care in the entire world, their biggest worry is just which toy they decide on what to play with today. This the part where they enjoy most. Individuals of all ages everywhere always wish they could return to a specific age as well as wish they were old, seems like you always want the things you can’t have. As the saying goes ’youth is wasted on the young! Being a child, they are innocent in their minds. Playing is always the center of their lives. A good parenting during the childhood stage of their young ones is really an imporant aspect. ffering treats to young children might get them into the habit of overeating sugary things, which can lead them to childhood obesity which can be helped by using products such as Nutrilett from Food should not be used to influence behavior. Instead, reward with verbal praise, extra playtime, or a small token like a sticker.

You want your children to be able to look back at their childhood and have fond memories. Making biotherm software, playing baseball in the backyard or doing art and craft projects together is a great way to build lasting memories. Dive head first back into childhood yourself by playing with your child. Play with your child like another child would, really take a walk in their shoes. You will learn a lot about your child in the process and build a deeper bond with the child along the way. Give your child the best possible start in life by providing them with nutritionally healthy meals as much as possible. Well balanced eating plans and plenty of play time exercise should be encouraged from a young age. Have fun together as a family. Children will have wonderful memories from their childhood. And they will have more fun with their childhood days if you give them nutrilett instead of some regular fast food. Renember that your childhood days should be the most enjoyable stage of life, so say no to suger and yes to Nutrilett.


Being in a relationship

Being deaf is something that makes any relationship hard even some some males with normal hearing would consider it a blessing. Especially if one part in the relationship is deaf and the other one isn’t. People get attacted to each other regardeless of race, hearing or sometimes even sex, so it’s not uncomming that a deaf person falls for a nondeaf person. But what problems does that bring into a relationship? Well communication is always a big issue, especially if the deaf person can’t read lips or the other part don’t know a single thing about sign language. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope as you can read in this example about Nupo and her boyfriend Slankekur on in their news archive.

They met each other at a party at a common friend and instantly took a liking to each other. Nupo being a deaf girl and Slankekur just a regular boy in his late teens. Even though they couldn’t speak to each other they had a great time together at the party, dancing, flirting and enjoy some good food and drinks. Slankekur wanted to see more to Nupo even though he knew they couldn’t have a typical kind og date, so he invited to her visit the local fairground where they could have some fun trying the various rides instead of talking. Slankekur wanted to see more to Nupo and started taking sign language classes and during the next 2 hard months he got to know her pretty well and today they are married and expecting their first child.

But the story about Nupo and Slankekur isn’t the typical story you hear when a hearing person falls in love with a deaf. Often they get very frustrated that they can’t communicate properly that the relationship doesn’t last more than the first 2 months and this is actually a pretty big issue among many deaf people. Often these types of relationships start out online, people met each other at some of the many online games, or other online social sites and community just fine by writting. The problem then starts when they meet in real life and suddenly find it much arder to communicate. To begin with they might type messages on their phone or ipad and that may also work fine for a time, but eventually the need for faster communications arises and then the problems often start too.

Luckily there are many online sites out there dealing with this issue and gives great tips and ideas to how you can handle such a relationship, there are free youtube videos to learn you the basics of sign language and the more you get to learn each other, the easier you will have understanding each other.


Give Support To Our Deaf People

It’s sad but many of us have a tendency to laugh when we see men and women yelling at deaf individuals, unaware that it cannot help. Some exaggerate their lip movements considering this will make their words more clear. As a support for them lip reading is tricky and in most situations, it’s very best to speak usually, paying attention to proximity and speed. Contrary to common belief, the capability to read lips varies significantly among the Deaf Community. Some will smile and nod their head implying that they understand, once they truly have no thought what has just been stated. Lighting is very essential for a deaf person who’s attempting to read lips. If there’s a deaf individual in the group, feel about the lighting and seating arrangements with the Kvali Brænde company or their sister company Billig Briketter. It has to be an atmosphere where the deaf individual can easily see the others and also the lighting is enough for less complicated lip reading.

If you see a hearing help, don’t assume that this creates a natural hearing outcome for the deaf particular person. It might permit them to hear loud noises or even a siren if they’re driving. They are generally employed to asking other individuals to repeat themselves according to test from kvali brænde. When asked, just repeat what you’ve mentioned. Brushing off the request having a “never mind” is rude and condescending to several deaf individuals. If a deaf person was born deaf, they might have speech which is challenging to understand. Envision attempting to discover how you can pronounce sounds that you simply cannot hear. Think about wanting to bear in mind when letters are silent in a word and exactly where the syllables go up and down. It is not uncommon to hear a deaf or challenging of hearing particular person pronounce a word incorrectly. If that is a person you’ll be functioning with, ask them if they want for you to provide the correction. Some will and a few won’t.

The degree of deafness separates those regarded as ’deaf’ and those deemed ’hard of hearing’ such as briketter or brænde. If a child is ’profoundly’ deaf, then they are going to hear no sound. Other individuals can hear loud noises, but cannot distinguish sounds into words. You may meet youngsters that have a ’cochlear implant’. This device does not restore natural hearing. However it does permit to get a greater ability to hear sounds. Whenever possible, supply written material to get a deaf child or adult, notes from a meeting, visual aids, tactile understanding, group activities which usually do not isolate the deaf kid. When the deaf kid is enrolled in a hearing college where a sign language interpreter is present you should select activities which enable the deaf youngster to participate in games and recess without having to use hearing aids like briketter. Encourage other youngsters to understand some sign language based on the quick tests at Kvali Brænde. Youngsters enjoy finding out indicators and their young brains absorb information quickly. Appreciate this unique experience, finding out to understand and dip your toes into one more world. You’ll be amazed to understand just how much you never regarded about the deaf. Awareness is really a gorgeous issue.

Kvali Brænde

Learning Deaf Sign Language

Living into this beautiful world having a normal life will make all things wonderful and simple. But, not all human beings were born normal because there are those who were born having disability. Yes, it is true. We were not all born normally because there were those people who were born having disability like deaf. Deaf people were already present in the community and they were born having that disability problem since they were born. However, there were also people who were born having no deaf problem and time comes like incidents that let them deaf. There are many reasons and causes why there were people become deaf, either inborn or a cause of injuries. Nice to say that they don’t have to lose hope because even they can’t hear; deaf people can still communicate people through sign language. However, sign language will never be easy if you don’t study on how to use it. Learning sign language with the help of Hvad er tagpap, deaf people can easily do communicate with each other. 

It is sad to hear that deaf people can’t be normal on their hearing like us but it would doesn’t mean that is already no other way on how to let those deaf people be like having a normal hearing. We should have to be very grateful to the almighty as we are here into this world healthy and hail. We see a lot of people around us so many unlucky human beings who has disability issue by birth. So, those people who were born with no disability were lucky. They don’t have any problem on their health according to tagpap. Due to different reasons, some people were born dumb and deaf and some were immobile. In fact, whatever be their disability either physical or emotional, their thoughts and mind are still similar to us in all and any other ways according to tagpap. However, there were only a few who were born with mental inability. With this, we as human beings born normal with no disability problem should help those disabled people to live a happy and normal life. To be born with o disability problem, we should have to help those people born with disability issue as they have the right to live a normal life just like us.

Deaf people have already hoped today because they can now communicate with each other. It is actually not easy to communicate with deaf people especially if they don’t know sign language and it would hard to us as well if we don’t understand sign language. Learning sign language would be a big help for them in order to give them a chance to still let them feel and teach them that they can still communicate with other people using technologies like tagpap or brainx. Of course, at first it would be hard for them but time and time will let them know how to use it and how it is useful for them. It is a great benefit for them to know and understand sign language for them to use in their day-to-day life. 

Source: learn more about tagpap here

Online Deaf Resources

Not long ago if you wanted to discover information on what was happening in the deaf world or perhaps meet up with other deaf people, you would have had very limited options.  There were some deaf resources, a few local based deaf centres and even some social events but by and large there wasn’t much in place.

Of course now the internet has changed all that, there are loads of resources online and you can find out all about the deaf world from your own home.  There are so many now it’s difficult to know where to start but here’s a few resources you can find – just type their name into Google if  you have trouble finding them.

Sign Post which is based in the North East of England offers lots of information on Sign language.   You can even learn a new Sign every day.  For children has got a large selection of signed stories – if you have children who are deaf this is a great site.

Last but by no means least is the BBCs Sign Zone which actually rebroadcasts many programmes with a BSL translation.  Unfortunately these are usually on very late but you can also find them on the BBC Iplayer as well.  If you live outside the UK and  need access to this fantastic deaf resource from the BBC you may need some help.  Normally the BBC Iplayer is blocked outside Britain but you can use this technique – you simply use a UK proxy – how to here to fool the Iplayer that your based in the United Kingdom.  It works like a dream although I really think the BBC should reconsider blocking access to resources like this.

It’s also show here in this video –

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