Being deaf in the modern world

braendeBeing unable to hear is quite a problem for many. Lucklily there have been more and more focus on this problem over the last 20 year. There have been developed several new things to help make life a little easier, for people having a problem hearing, but it’s often far from enough. One of the things that have made it easier feeling normal with a hearing problem is the use of social media. Way to many people, especially young people, spend hours every day in front of the computer or on their smartphones using twitter, facebook, instagram etc. In this “virtual world”, being deaf, unable to walk, or talk doesn’t really matter. Here you can share texts, images, videos etc. with others and communicate on the same level. For many younger people with hearing problems, this have been a great way to feel like everybody else, and play with others on exactly the same level. The same goes for many types of online gaming such as world of warcraft, brænde, diablo 3, elder scroll online, call of duty etc. here you can play with others, both young and adult. Things such as your age, color, hearing problems doesn’t matter at all. Even competely deaf people can be among the very best players here and play with others on the same level. While it often can be hard to goto town friday evening and meet new people or find your soulmate, this have also become much easier by using some of the online services there. While it can be almost impossible to communicate with a person who don’t know sign language in a bar, it’s much easier in front of the computer. There are a lot of online communities, dating sites, chat sites etc. where you can easily meet new friends and talk to them over the computer. This was for many a big problem just 20 years ago, now with everybody being on the Internet several hours aday, it’s very easy to meet new people and get to known them well without having to even meet them.

New technology have also made it a little easier being deaf. Webcams have made it possible to communicate with others over a distance using sign language. Better and smaller hearing aids have reached the market, increasing the life quality for those who had a limited hearing function. Smartphones also had a huge impact on this. Both as a tool to send text message, but also to communicate through sign language. It has for many come a lot easier having a hearing problem than it was for the generation before us. It will be exciting to see what the future brings and how technology will continue to improve life for those who are having a hearing problem. There are also several Perl developments with focus on this problem, and it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

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