Beijing Dogs Who Help the Deaf

It was in 1975 that the first trained hearing dogs were used in the USA.  There they are afforded the same rights as Guide dogs and can enter public places and transport facilities freely.  Now the Chinese are training their own dogs to help with deaf citizens.

Liu Yan owns one and his name is Pan.  The dog is two years old and wears an orange uniform.  He has frequently saved his owner from dangerous situations – for instance putting paws on Liu Yans legs when there is some danger she is not aware of.  On Pan’s uniform is written the words hearing dog.

Pan is actually a gift from the Japanese Hearing Dogs Training Society.  They also gave advice on setting up a similar group and showed some volunteers how to train their own ’Hearing Dogs’.

I found this wonderful story on a Japanese media site which was showing their news with English subtitles.  The show is normally blocked by geotargeting (which restricts access to Japanese IP addresses).  However I’d previously been playing with a security suite which allowed you to surf via a proxy in the relevant country.

It’s well recommended and certainly opens up so much content that previously blocked.  In fact I learnt how to access BBC Iplayer in the US on my Ipad using this method –   It allows you to set up something called a VPN directly from your Ipad which assigns you with a fake IP address.  For the BBC Iplayer you just need to select a British based server but you could just as easily use one from a different country.

As for the story of Pan it’s great to see organisations like this cooperating – well done the Japanese Hearing Dogs Training society, I’m sure the lives of many Chinese Deaf will be transformed as part of this initiative. is powered by Wordpress | WordPress Themes