Community Spirit

Community spirit can be boosted in many ways and one of the most effective involves meeting and speaking with people. Getting to know everbody in your community, what they like, how they see the future of the community and these sort of things will let you all get an understanding of how your community will move forward in the future. Things like Barbeques, street parties and fundraising activities can get people together and talking. Making sure you are inclusive of everyone is very important and quite often people with hearing problems can get left out or ignored so it is important to come up with ideas that will appeal to everyone.

One example of a great initiative to include deaf people was a recent whisky tasting event. In an event relying entirely on taste people with hearing difficulties can feel more included and people will feel more comfortable in communicating with them when the ice has been broken. Of course it is also a great excuse for the adults of a community to taste some great Scotch Whisky.

Communities that are strong can actually add value to prperties as the areas tend to be well kept, free from vandalism and more inviting. In an age when the economy is stryuggling and house values plummet any way to get the value up is useful. is powered by Wordpress | WordPress Themes